Scholarship Application



To the applicant,


You are applying for a scholarship to help you attend a university, college, or vocational school of your choice. 


It is the goal of the Ontonagon Area Scholarship Foundation to eventually provide scholarships to all graduates of Ontonagon Area High School.


This application will be used to determine the recipients of all Ontonagon Area Scholarship Foundation awards including the Glenn Thomas Scholarship, the Mary and Stella Gorney Award, the Eliza Kidd Memorial Scholarship, the Robert F. Lindfors Memorial Scholarship, the Evelyn Salter Scholarship, the Stone Container Scholarship, the North Country Bank Scholarship, the Gust and Margaret Erickson Scholarship, the Regina Davey Scholarship, the Ernest and Helen Toivonen Scholarship, the Ontonagon-White Pine Rotary Club Scholarship, the Florence Strong Scholarship, the Horizon Home Care Scholarship, the Gladiator Booster Club Scholarship, and the Vieno Moilanen Savela Memorial Scholarship.


The application process is as follows:

1.    Your completed application must be returned to Mr. Sutherland by April 19, 2007.  Please type or print (use black ink).  Extra copies of the form are available in the counseling area.

2.    Applicants will be judged by merit.  Criteria used will be your grade point average, difficulty in your high school course of study, the school’s recommendation, and completeness of the application.

3.    The Board of Directors decision will be announced at Commencement.



                                                                        The Board of Directors

                                                                        Ontonagon Area Scholarship Foundation





I understand the successful applicants will receive the award by July 1, 2008, providing he/she does the following:

1.    Successfully completes a minimum of 24 semester hours (or equivalent) of post-high school credit by July 1, 2007; and

2.    Maintains a minimum of a "C" (2.000 on a scale of 4.000) average for the 2006-2007 academic year; and

3.    Furnishes an official transcript (or other evidence acceptable to the Scholarship Foundation) to the Ontonagon Area Schools Business Office by July 1, 2007, showing the above  requirements have been met.


If the above requirements cannot be met by July 1, 2008, the applicant may request a one-year deferment by submitting a letter of request to the Ontonagon Area Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors by July 1, 2008.


If a transcript or deferment request is not submitted, I understand the award will be forfeited. 


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